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Under Armour What’s Beautiful: What I Eat After a Workout #IWILL #Whatsbeautiful

by Marissa on May 28, 2013

What I Eat After a Workout


Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful Campaign has me focusing on my goal of eating for energy so of course I have to share what I eat after a workout.

What’s beautiful to me? Using food as fuel to power my workouts, reach my physical goals and see results. What’s not so hot? A great workout followed by crappy food or using food to feed emotions.

Does this mean I do this perfectly? Nope, but I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it most of the time and the better I get, the more results I see. That’s when I reward myself with things like … new bikinis!!!

VS leopard bikini

With my new swimwear on the way, after I finished my workout today, I went straight to the kitchen to make my favorite post-workout green smoothie. While I was there, I figured I’d let you in on how it’s done. Watch the video to get the recipe, but keep in mind, I don’t usually measure anything. I just add ingredients to the blender and it all works out.

Here’s where you come in:

1. Anyone can join in on this campaign and I’d love to have you sign up, declare a goal and create your page.

Click here to do that now. 

2. Follow me so we can support each other. I’ll follow you back.

Find my page here. 

3. Everyone competes as individuals but you can join as many teams as you’d like to help you reach your goals.

Join my Team, Eat for Energy!

Under Armour provides challenge prompts to keep you going and motivated along the way. Creating a video like the one I did here is the first challenge so get started!

If you’ve joined the campaign, leave a comment here, share your goal with me and leave a link to your page so we can all follow and support each other!

There are cool prizes involved for the winners like a retreat to Costa Rica with Under Armour so give this your ALL!

Not into declaring your goals publicly? You can do it privately. I’m offering a limited number of free, 30-minute Your Body, Your Life strategy sessions to help you get clarity on your health and wellness goals then tackle them head on. Contact me to claim your free session. 

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Great offer! I find it hard to keep up with different challenges like this given work, blogging, and my fitness business. Not the actual doing of them but the recording of it all. :) Green smoothies are the best! I have one every day for breakfast.


I've always been scared of green smoothies, haha! I'll have to finally take the plunge and try this. I'm going to go find you on UA!!


Ahh I do so many smoothies but I have yet to go GREEN! I've got to try!

Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady
Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady

I've been wanting to try kale. I see it all over the blogs. I love pineapples too. Sounds good!

Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen

This looks so healthy ,I have been wondering what would I take after work out since eating too much might not help me building my body at all. Thanks for sharing the drink, I will try it soon.

Amy @ Mommy Rodeo
Amy @ Mommy Rodeo

I haven't joined the campaign yet - been contemplating it though. I have been thinking of incorporating green smoothies into my daily routine - so thank you for a great post and reminder that it's easy and tasty!

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