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Crazy for Coconut Oil: 5 Uses for Coconut Oil

by Marissa on September 20, 2016

uses for coconut oil - skinny and co coconut oil

I’m coconut-obsessed. Probably no secret. Naturally, I love coconut oil!

So when Skinny & Co. reached out to me to try their 100% raw coconut oil (the only 100% raw coconut oil in the world, by the way), I couldn’t resist. 

Still, I had to ask about the name “Skinny,” because I’m not a fan of the word. 

There are a couple reasons for the name, according to the brand,

“When the first few jars of coconut oil were made, Luke, the founder, sent them home to his mom to try. She started using the coconut oil in her diet and lost a lot of weight within a couple months. The name also speaks to the purity of the oil and how clean it is. It’s not meant to create a poor body image, but rather describe the results people have had with the product and describe the brand’s transparency as a whole.”

Still, I’m not convinced. I do think they could have done better with the name. It is 2016 after all. 

However, I love love love the product because I use coconut oil on the regular and this stuff is as pure and natural as it comes. I tried the coconut oil and the sugar scrub, which left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. 

skinny and co coconut oil

5 uses for coconut oil: 

  • Mix it with coffee, tea, smoothies and pressed juices for a natural energy boost 
  • Detox, freshen breath and whiten teeth with oil pulling or use this alternative method that I prefer and wrote about in my book
  • Add to pre or post-workout shakes and smoothies to replenish and boost metabolism 
  • Eat it straight from the spoon which can especially help with mid-afternoon sugar cravings 
  • Use as a replacement for butter. I love it spread on gluten-free toast or sweet potatoes sprinkled with sea salt. I also use it for roasting vegetables like squash, stir-frying vegetable and frying eggs.

Skinny and Co. is naturally detoxifying, so it’s recommended to start with a half Tablespoon or less twice a day and then gradually increase your intake to up to three Tablespoons per day. 

What’s your favorite way to use coconut oil? 

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