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Healthy Hot Spot: Northern Spy Food Co.

by Marissa on February 23, 2012

You asked for it, so I’m giving it to you right here on my blog! As a New Yorker, I like to dine at all the hippest restaurants but that doesn’t mean I sacrifice my healthy lifestyle. Every week I’ll feature a new restaurant, guide you to the healthiest dishes in Manhattan and offer tips for how to order to ensure you’re getting the most nutrition for your dollar. My clients, readers and friends are always asking me how I order at a restaurant so think of this as your sneak peak into my personal dining secrets. 

I’m kicking this series off with three words: Kale. and. eggs. And if it doesn’t excite you at this East Village neighborhood restaurant then I don’t know what will.

David and I had been planning to go to Northern Spy for quite a few weeks and I had been eye-ing the kale dish on the menu. (Hint: As someone who has special dietary needs and preferences, I always check out a restaurant menu before I go. David, not so much- he likes to be surprised.) So when my friend told me she had eaten there last Saturday, I practically jumped out of my seat and asked her if she had ordered the kale and eggs as if everyone eats kale like it’s going out of style. Okay, maybe not, but they should!

On the day we went the kale seemed to be flying out of the kitchen and so was the biscuits and gravy.

The food at Northern Spy is down home comfort food with a seasonal flair and the menu is built around locally grown, caught and procured ingredients so it seems fitting that the restaurant is named after, you got it, New York State’s apple, the Northern Spy. And guess what folks? No OJ available, just fresh-pressed apple juice.

The interior is rustic and built out with lots of reclaimed wood.

What I Ate: Kale and Two Baked Eggs … obviously! And just for the record, it was everything I imagined it would be.

What He Ate: Eggs and toast with bacon. Simple, but got his hard-to-earn seal of approval and we both thought the seven grain bread was pretty remarkable.

When We Dined: Breakfast/Brunch, President’s Day

Also on the Healthier Side: Winter Squash Soup, Marinated Beets, Pear Salad, Roasted Cauliflower (all on the lunch or dinner menus)

Be In the Know: Go early, like when they open because reservations aren’t accepted for brunch and the line gets LONG. They also do a Sunday Supper (menu changes weekly). Looks yummy.


511 East 12th Street.
New York, NY 10009.
Tel: 212 228 5100.

Have you dined at Northern Spy? What did you order? What did you think of the food?

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Cindy Lai Fitness
Cindy Lai Fitness

The Kale and egg dish does look mouth watering! Tks for introducing a new tasty restaurant. As a huge foodie, good and healthy food is always appreciated.

Matt O'Grady
Matt O'Grady

Absolutely love this idea! I am excited to go to Northern Spy and I cant wait for the next post. :) Can you ask David if the bacon was a good thick cut? I don't like that tiny strip bacon you get in most places. I will probably order your dish with bacon on the side! :)


Sounds like a great place to check out. Love the series even though hip restaurants aren't my thing because when I do need a place to go I'll search here first!

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