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Healthy Living Summit 2013

by Marissa on September 19, 2013


Healthy Living Summit 2013

Confession: This year I discovered I love going to blogger conferences where I don’t know anyone in cities I’ve never been to.

Sounds crazy, right? I know. Especially for an introvert like me.

In May I went to Bloggy Boot Camp and made so many connections with bloggers, it totally re-energized me. And if you follow me on Instagram you probably figured out that last weekend I was in Minneapolis at the Healthy Living Summit — this one was no different. Such a great weekend.

So why do I like going to these conferences alone. Knowing nobody?

I guess if I already knew people that would be great, but I decided that not knowing anyone shouldn’t hold me back. People go to these conferences looking to meet people and make connections so there’s nothing scary about joining a group for dinner or striking up a conversation with a total stranger. It gets me out of my comfort zone and helps me grow as a person. There’s an ENTIRE world outside of my local health/wellness/blogging community (and it’s pretty awesome). And it gives me the chance to make new friends from all over the US (I learned that these people are called blends, bloggers + friends).

Here are a few of the highlights from HLS 13 in Minneapolis:

I did an insanity workout that left everything sore, including my armpits


I went to dinner with these lovely ladies at Spoonriver


Pictured: Katie from Peace Love Oats, Kim from Healthy Nest, Brooke, Taunja, Alison and Me! 

I ran six miles before sunrise on a Saturday with a new running buddy. I usually run alone but I loved running with Katie. We kept a good pace and great conversation.


I SPOKE at a session. But the podium swallowed me whole!


I ate healthy food.



I ate dessert.


I fell in love with a blender – The Ninja Kitchen System


I met the owner of Spoonriver, the keynote speaker.


When I got home I was exhausted but already looking forward to next year!

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