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The Days After Sandy: What Can You Do Today?

by Marissa on November 5, 2012

It was an emotional week here in NYC with Sandy aftermath unfolding to reveal the true devastation in many communities of the city’s boroughs, the controversy which ultimately led to the last-minute cancellation of the NYC Marathon and the philanthropic efforts of New Yorkers banding together as the city begins to rebuild.

It was a week of lows and some highs, including getting Billy Joel to agree to a picture with our friends visiting from Scotland and nursing the devastation of the cancelled marathon over drinks in dinner.

All week, these two thoughts have been going through my mind:


When we arrived home yesterday after four days staying with friends, I wanted to nest. I spent the day cleaning out closets.

Today, there were at least a hundred volunteer opportunities around the city and I wanted so much to do something to help, but felt overwhelmed. With the influx of volunteers out there today, I decided to start locally by running some Charity Miles for Habitat for Humanity.

I was curious to see how my running path in Lower Manhattan fared, get some fresh air and move my body after a week of less exercise than usual.

There was some damage and still a lot of water being pumped out.

But mostly it was the same path it has always been and today it was alive with the marathon spirit. So many runners were out with their race numbers and shirts displaying their home country. It was invigorating!

After, I made my way up to Jackrabbit Sports to drop off a donation of hundreds of mini Larabars for Sandy relief efforts.

I’m looking forward to doing more in the days and weeks ahead but this is what felt right for me today. This was within my reach today.

What was within your reach today? Share in the comments below. 

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