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Tri Training Week 1: Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

by Marissa on July 16, 2012

At the beginning of last week, not only did I have a solid triathlon training plan in place, but I also had a stocked fridge. No sooner did I get a quick reminder that things don’t always go as planned.

Week 1 Training Plan:

Monday – Strength
Tuesday – 30 min run
Wednesday – Strength + 45 minute Bike
Thursday – 20 minute Swim + 25 minute Run
Friday- Rest
Saturday – 30 minute Run
Sunday  – 30 minute Swim + 30 minute Run

A scratchy throat by Tuesday night became a full blown head cold complete with body aches by Wednesday morning. In the past I would have pushed through a workout anyway but having vowed to train differently this time, I rested — and it paid off.

By Saturday, I was back on track with a slow and steady 30 minute run.

But struggled with my new Garmin and didn’t measure my pace and distance accurately.

And as far as the stocked fridge is concerned, this was the healthiest thing I ate all week:

Just like in life, training doesn’t always go as planned. Even though I missed a few workouts and didn’t record any numbers, I feel great and finished the week strong, ready for a new week.

Here’s a look at what’s in store for Week 2:

Monday – Strength
Tuesday – 30 minute Bike + 15 minute Run
Wednesday – 15 minute Swim + 30 minute Run
Thursday – 30 minute Run + Strength
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 35 minute Run
Sunday – 30 minute Swim + 30 minute Bike

I’m loving that this training is forcing me to mix up my workouts and keeps me looking forward to the day’s exercise — super important for someone like me who gets bored easily and falls into workout ruts.

Share in the comments what you’re most looking forward to this week.

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