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Tri Training Weeks 3 & 4: Mind Over Matter

by Marissa on August 6, 2012

I’m at the halfway point and the mantra I’ve been tied to for the past two weeks has been “mind over matter.”

I’ve encountered more hot, humid training days than pleasant ones and when my first instinct is to skip a workout or cut one short, I remind myself that most things worth working for require more mental strength than physical. The days when I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, I’ve truly asked myself whether my discomfort is physical or mental — my answer is almost always the latter. So I’ve pushed on.

The workouts are challenging but I can feel myself getting stronger.

Today’s workout was the hardest so far – 30 minutes of each sport — swimming , biking and running. Since I’ve already done the triathlon I guess I can just skip race day now.

I refueled with avocado, egg and sauteed kale on a sprouted grain bagel and lots of water — plain and coconut.

Then celebrated with an ice cold beer at Eataly!

David and I are really focused on cooking healthy meals at home which is helping my training immensely. With the consistency in my diet, I’ve finally been able to see the changes I’ve been working for on my body — more tone and muscle definition.

Here’s what Week 5 looks like:

Monday – Strength

Tuesday – 40 minute Run

Wednesday – Strength + 30 minute Bike

Thursday – 30 minute Swim + 25 minute Run

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 50 minute Run

Sunday – 30 minute Swim + 45 minute Run


In the comments, tell me about a race you’re training for or a time when you’ve had to come to terms with mind over matter. 

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Finally, good luck to my friends racing the NYC Ironman this weekend!




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