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Tuesday Tip: 6 MORE Ways to Detox Without Starvation

by Marissa on December 18, 2012


6 More Ways to Detox Without Starvation

Last week’s Tuesday Tip, 6 Ways to Detox Without Starvation, was SO popular that I couldn’t just leave you with 6. I had to give you more bang for your buck. So today, I’m sharing 6 more ways you can detox daily. Seriously, consider ditching those sugary all-juice detoxes and try as many of these tips as you can.


7. Spice It Up: Find out which 4 spices are considered natural detoxifiers and aid digestion.

8. Sweat It Out: Apart from regular exercise, try some of these other glorious ways to get your sweat on.

9. Body Brushing: Beauty isn’t only skin deep. Get the scoop on an inexpensive beauty method that gives you tighter, brighter skin from the inside out.

10. Media Cleanse: Learn the best way to give your mind a rest.

11. Know When to Sleep: It’s not just about getting enough sleep, but also when to sleep. I’ll tell you exactly when you need to get some shut eye.

12. No More Grazing: If you’ve never tried eating 3 meals a day with no snacking, you’ll want to after you hear what I have to say about it.

BONUS TIP! Cook at Home: Simply cooking more at home can work wonders for weight loss and digestion. Need help getting started? Check out the #CookatHomeChallenge starting January 1, 2013 and my Total Reset Plan, a 4 week, virtual meal planning service.

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Did you try one of these tips? What did you think? Share in the comments.


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